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Markforged 3D printers are some of the most advanced 3D printing system available. You can economically print with advanced materials including nylon, chopped carbon fiber, reinforced continuous fiber, and metal.
The Desktop Series combines industrial quality and affordability in an all-aluminum form factor that fits on your desktop. Industrial grade large-format printers deliver exceptional accuracy, reliability and repeatability. These industrial 3D printers are the go-to solution for manufacturing tooling. Save time and money printing tools previously machined out of aluminum.

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From Concept to Reality

If you can imagine it, then one of Markforged Commercial 3D Printers can create it. This trending technology has redefined what is possible in an astounding range of industries because it takes concepts and turns them into 3D parts or models.

Industry leaders see 3D printing as a new wave of industrial revolution thanks to its ability to speed up design, prototypes, testing, and manufacturing. What are some of the benefits you can expect from this modern marvel? Let’s dive deeper into the world of 3D printing technology.

3D Printer Benefits That Deliver

3D Printing technologies allow you to create virtually anything. Whether you want to speed up development and testing or need higher-quality parts at a lower cost, 3D printing can do it. The following are some of the other advantages of 3D printing:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost savings
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Better quality
  • Enhanced design
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Consistency
  • Sustainability

What once took weeks, months, or years to conceive and create can now be accomplished in a fraction of time, thanks to 3D printing. It’s no wonder that educators, researchers, designers, and manufacturers all see the value of this evolving technology.

3D Printing Options for a Multitude of Applications

If it seems 3D printing technology changes happen at the speed of light, you may be on to something. This innovative field continues to grow, bringing more choice and functionality with every update.

Of course, not every 3D printer fits with every application. A better understanding of how these printers work and what they deliver can help you decide which one is right for your needs.

Composite 3D Printers

This 3D printing solution relies on composite fibres made of carbon, fibreglass, or other solid 3D printing materials to give prototypes or parts an impressive level of durability and sturdiness. The printers are available in desktop or industrial sizes.

Direct Metal Printers

Direct metal printers give you flexibility over other traditional methods of metal part manufacturing. They typically use stainless steel, titanium, or aluminium powder for strength, corrosion resistance, and malleability. Use this option for medical, industrial, or creative applications.

Your Source for Quality 3D Printing

From finding the right 3D printing technology to understanding the differences in processes and models, Konica Minolta is here to help you. Call us at + 64 800 475 005  or contact us online for more information.

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