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High-speed digital press serves as all-in-one print factory

Auckland, New Zealand (March 18th, 2022) – Konica Minolta New Zealand has launched a new line of versatile colour digital production presses. The AccurioPress C4080 Series high-speed digital press offers robust and user-friendly production. It’s the perfect fit for businesses looking to expand their production capabilities with advanced automation and ease of use for various applications. The AccurioPress C4080 Series will help power business growth through intelligent automation, outstanding image quality, and print application diversity. It supersedes the C3080 Series and also includes the AccurioPress C4070 and AccurioPrint C4065, lighter versions of the C4080 that can bridge the gap between an office and production printer with the same image quality at a more affordable price point. 

The AccurioPress C4080 Series is built on the same engine as the AccurioPress C14000 Series launched last year. It is highly versatile, delivers outstanding quality and performance, and is packed with an array of advanced automation features to boost productivity and expand capability. 

The AccurioPress C4080 runs at 81 ppm (A4) colour while the AccurioPress C4070 runs at 71 ppm (A4) colour, and the AccurioPrint C4065 runs at 66 ppm (A4) colour. 

Chris O’Hara, National Production Print Manager, Konica Minolta, said, “ It’s very exciting to launch the C4080 Series in New Zealand. The C4080 Series is a fantastic mid-volume product, providing an avenue for businesses to easily transition into digital printing.  Advanced automation, high output quality, impressive media handling and array of finishing options on the C4080 Series make it possible to produce finished output that is ready to be packed and shipped, resulting in faster turnaround, expansion into new markets and increased revenue.

Outstanding media versatility for ready-made print products means the C4080 Series can print on thin to thick stocks (62 to 360 gsm), banner stocks up to 1300mm (simplex), and up to 864mm (duplex). The AccurioPress C4080 expands application possibilities and offers envelope printing without the need for an additional fuser, while new technology enhances printing onto embossed or textured media delivering outstanding results. It also offers a selection of flexible inline finishing options for unmatched productivity.

The AccurioPress C4080 Series can be configured with Konica Minolta’s IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimiser option. This is a fully automated, closed-loop quality management tool that performs automatic density correction and front-to-back registration prior to printing. It can then be enhanced further with Konica Minolta’s Auto Inspection Technology which scans an image of the proof print, and then compares every subsequent printed sheet, inspecting for quality artifacts such as spots, lines & quality deviation, pausing the press and and notifying the operator if any quality artifact is identified. This technology significantly reduces waste, reprints & rework, increasing productivity and profitability of the print job. With the addition of the data validation option, it will then inspect up to 30 data fields, barcodes or QR codes on an printed impression, inspecting them for accuracy against the originating data file.

New to the AccurioPress C4080 Series is the external media detection sensor. It’s an optional sensor for measuring and identifying media that ensures the correct media settings are selected. Together, the TU-510 inline trimmer unit, external media detection sensor, and IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimiser, Auto Inspection Technology produces fully finished, high-quality, ready-to-be-boxed output quickly and easily. This solution eliminates the need for skilled operators, increasing productivity and saving resources. For customers, this means increased uptime, productivity, quality, and ultimately profit.

About Konica Minolta New Zealand  

Konica Minolta Business Solutions New Zealand Ltd is a market-leading provider of proven print technology and solutions for enterprise, government, small business, education, commercial print, and manufacturing. It is committed to the Konica Minolta global philosophy of delivering customer value and driving digital transformation. 

 Konica Minolta New Zealand helps organization's keep pace with the needs of the changing workplace to start leveraging the technology of tomorrow today. Konica Minolta New Zealand offers a broad range of office, production print, and 3D products and services with efficient client support and service. It also has a number of strategic relationships to deliver software and solutions that include print and document management. 

 Konica Minolta New Zealand is part of one of the world’s most sustainable companies with a strong commitment to creating value for customers and society, and the communities in which it operates. 

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