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Why it’s time to move your print infrastructure to the cloud

In an era of transformation, businesses must adapt to stay ahead, and cloud print management is a key part of revolutionising your strategy for the better.

Transformative trends have prompted small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to re-evaluate their existing strategies in recent years. Some of these trends include significant investments in digital transformation (DX) and the permanent adoption of hybrid work models, leading to an increased focus on cybersecurity and compliance. In Australia, where nearly half (46 per cent) of all computer-based Australian employees now work from home to some degree, the demand for adaptable and secure IT solutions has never been higher.[1]

While traditional on-premises print management systems are effective, they present several challenges that can hinder a business’s current DX journey. These systems require large upfront investments, inflexible licensing models, and ongoing maintenance costs. They also offer limited visibility into print environments outside the office, making it difficult to efficiently manage hybrid work settings. 

The shift toward DX and hybrid work, although beneficial, has its challenges too. Some of these hurdles include:

  • Resistance to change: employees may push back if changes look to complicate their workflows.
  • Costly underestimates: businesses frequently underestimate the time and resources required for DX projects, leading to delayed returns on investment (ROI). 
  • Inadequate security: cybersecurity remains a significant concern for all businesses today and very importantly, in the future. With a complex and expanding landscape of threats, cybersecurity considerations are now a necessity to consider.
  • Hybrid workplace inefficiencies: from compatibility issues to security settings and access to essential tools, inefficiencies that don’t cater for a flexible working environment for employees can result in significant losses to talent and productivity. 

Why cloud print management is the answer 

Cloud print management is a solution that simplifies printing needs while providing tangible benefits. With cloud print management, business can experience a secure, robust, and efficient print setup. Print job data and device usage are securely stored in the cloud, allowing for remote management and real-time data tracking.

It eliminates the need for traditional print servers and extra hardware, making setup easy. The software tracks printing, copying, and scanning in real-time, providing businesses with a complete picture of device usage. This helps identify areas for cost savings and efficiency improvements. Features like print limits control usage and reduce waste.

Cloud print management presents the centralised driver management of a business’s printing infrastructure from anywhere, contributing to device monitoring and maintenance. Hybrid workers can send jobs to office printers remotely or print locally at home. When jobs are sent to the cloud they are held securely and are only released upon authentication at the printer, a feature that also extends to mobile devices for added convenience.

By transitioning to cloud-based print management, businesses can address the challenges of traditional on-premises systems head-on. The solution offers several key benefits that include: 

  1. Cost and time efficiency 

Imagine eliminating the need for costly IT infrastructure. Cloud print management cancels both upfront and ongoing expenses for businesses, bringing the control of their printing finances back into the metaphorical hands of the business.

      2. Scalability and flexibility 

Cloud solutions can be easily scaled to meet the needs of the business. Unlike traditional systems that require additional hardware for scaling, cloud solutions let businesses add users or devices instantaneously without any hardware dependencies. 

      3. Enhanced security and compliance 

Cloud print management supports a zero-trust environment, offering features like ID-based authentication, secure document transmission, and centralised monitoring. This significantly reduces the risk of cyber threats and ensures compliance with regulatory standards. 

      4. Improved user experience and productivity 

From an end-user perspective, cloud print management offers a seamless and personalised user experience for all employees. Staff don’t need to be in the one location anymore; cloud print management caters for the hybrid workplace. It can automate tasks, and provide fast and convenient access to essential features, which ultimately increases productivity and job satisfaction. 

Is it time to move to the cloud? 

Konica Minolta is at the forefront of this transformation, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to make your work smarter, more efficient, and sustainable. Our managed print services (MPS) offer cost-cutting, capital-freeing solutions, all managed securely in the cloud. Coupled with cloud-enabled office printing solutions for fine-tuned document control, we provide a seamless transition from traditional on-premise systems to smarter, cloud-based print management that enhance both efficiency and sustainability for your business.

Ready to experience the transformation? Contact the Konica Minolta team and start your journey toward efficiency, savings, and a future-proof print infrastructure today.  

To hear more, contact the Konica Minolta team today.

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