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Digitisation Changes Everything

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving. Consumer adoption of technology has become a driving force in the way businesses respond and deliver products and services to their customers.

The world is getting smarter

Within a short space of time, adoption of the internet and digitisation has changed the way we access and organise information – and how we interact with and react to it. And it’s escalating.  According to Gartner, more than seven billion people and businesses, and at least 35 billion devices, will be connected to the internet by 2020.1

The expectations of employees, colleagues and partners at work and away from work are increasingly the same. Information must be accessible in real time; services must be fast and cost-efficient, and processes must be seamless.

An opportunity for change and growth

Digital technology has presented the business world with an important opportunity. There are innovative, limitless ways to present and promote products and services; enhance personalisation of customer service; interact with customers and stakeholders; compete globally; gauge real-time feedback and then act decisively. 

In a digital world, businesses can win loyalty, increase brand value and forge strong relationships by using new technologies to improve customer, employee and stakeholder satisfaction – potentially even creating new products, business models and revenue streams in the process.

Gain a competitive advantage

Digitisation has revolutionised the availability and accessibility of data. You can gain a competitive advantage by using this data to better understand your customers and become more responsive and agile.

To find out how Konica Minolta can help your business benefit from digitisation contact the team today.

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