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How 3D printing will shape industry

3D printing is changing the way businesses operate and compete

Early adopters of 3D technology are already experiencing a transformation of their end-to-end business processes, from initial concept to production: enabling a new level of affordable customisation, reducing risk of loss of Intellectual Property by keeping it in-house and significantly increasing speed to market.

3D printing technology has transformed industries producing ‘one-off’ or short-run products such as healthcare, engineering and architecture and is a potential game-changer in highly competitive, risky or time-sensitive markets. It is also spawning new business models focused on customised products within both B2B and B2C sectors.

What’s in the future for 3D printing technology?

The full possibilities and benefits of 3D printing are still being explored and new delivery technologies developed. Fortunately for the future of Australian industry innovation, 3D printing is becoming established by forward-thinkers within our education system from primary to tertiary institutions and becoming a crucial consideration for innovative research programs.

Read our new article on the current applications of 3D printing, including a wide range of real-life examples, and discover some of what the future holds.

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